PT. Seiso Esa Indosolusi’s Background

Seiso is a startup company that focuses on giving the best solution for growing businesses by providing the best Information Technology (IT) services. Seiso means ‘shine’ whereas we aim to shine by giving the best services and experience for our clients. Our objective is to become a market leader in providing IT services, with a unique focus on customer success through continuous improvement.

We aimed on providing the best possible products and services. As we take hold Kaizen that focuses on 5S (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) which is related to workplace organization and serves as a strong foundation for many organizations’ pursuit of continuous improvement. Every organization including ourselves aspires to increase productivity, cut waste, and optimize processes in order to boost income.

As Seiso is giving digital products and solutions that includes; branding, marketing strategy, business process and keeping up with all the techonolgy improvements to ensure our clients satisfaction is fullfilled.